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Post: Breeding Pair of Lovebirds

Posted by Ashten on 10/20/12

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    Ricardo and Lucy are a breeding pair of lovebirds. We
    have taken their nest away but the eggs just won't stop.
    We had over 20 babies at one time. We finally found homes
    for them, but it's too much when we are not breeders.
    Lucy is a peach-faced lovebird and Ricardo is a Fischer's
    lovebird. If I misspelled please don't take it
    personally. They were supposed to be females but Ricardo
    was a male and his name was changed. Lucy and Ricardo
    love attention, but they only like to be held by males.
    Lucy loves to whistle. They watch TV during the day, they
    play and have plenty of toys. They are not just
    a "breeder" pair of birds. I don't want them stuck in
    someone's basement, they are in our living room with us.
    They are spoken to everyday and they love to whistle back
    and forth. They have plenty of toys to go with them.
    Cincinnati, OH

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