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Re: I would love to buy them how much you want

Posted by Brian on 4/23/13
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    On 10/20/12, Ashten wrote:
    > Ricardo and Lucy are a breeding pair of lovebirds. We
    > have taken their nest away but the eggs just won't stop.
    > We had over 20 babies at one time. We finally found homes
    > for them, but it's too much when we are not breeders.
    > Lucy is a peach-faced lovebird and Ricardo is a Fischer's
    > lovebird. If I misspelled please don't take it
    > personally. They were supposed to be females but Ricardo
    > was a male and his name was changed. Lucy and Ricardo
    > love attention, but they only like to be held by males.
    > Lucy loves to whistle. They watch TV during the day, they
    > play and have plenty of toys. They are not just
    > a "breeder" pair of birds. I don't want them stuck in
    > someone's basement, they are in our living room with us.
    > They are spoken to everyday and they love to whistle back
    > and forth. They have plenty of toys to go with them.
    > Cincinnati, OH