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Post: Baby Stuck in Shell

Posted by Baby21 on 2/09/13

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    Our lovebird laid 3 eggs and since we thought the other
    lovebird was also a girl, we didn't take them away.
    When we came home this afternoon we saw one of the eggs had
    fallen from their house and was half hatched! The baby is
    still alive so we put all 3 eggs in a nesting box and
    introduced both parent birds into the box as well.
    It's been about 6 hours and neither of the parents will sit
    on the eggs anymore! The Female goes into the box
    occasionally and I think she is still turning the eggs.
    I'm not sure if the other 2 will hatch now but I'm really
    concerned about the half hatched chick. It is still trying
    to get out of the shell and is still chirping away. Should I
    break the shell and help it out? It's already about half way
    there and keep sticking its' leg out but seems to be stuck.
    Also, if the Mom won't keep it warm, what should I do?
    Please help ASAP!!!

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