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Re: Help buying bird supplies online

Posted by Debby on 4/18/07
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    Grey Lady,

    I buy in bulk as well, and I buy 50lbs on a parrot mix, Goldenfeast
    Collasal parrot, 2 bags at 32 lbs, along with other things. Does Dr
    Forester and Smith sell in bulk of 50lbs? I didn't think that they
    did. Every magazine I got I never saw it. I might have overlooked
    it. So do they sell in that much bulk. I buy this about every other


    > I buy for so many, nearly everything I buy is in bulk or in
    > multiples. I get 99&37; of everything I buy from
    > There may be some others who are little cheaper on some items,
    > maybe some who give a better deal on shipping. But in overall
    > bottom line for me, nobody gives me better deals or better
    > service. On the rare 2-3 times I've had a problem, even though it
    > was not their fault, they immediately made it right, no questons
    > asked.