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Re: birdtricks ripoff

Posted by GreyLady on 4/23/07
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    On 4/22/07, melissa lemmon wrote:
    > Birdtricks charged me $179.00 for Their info.I understood
    > that it would be $49.95.They refuse to respond to my
    > emails and the info I recieved was very sloppily
    > presented.Melissa

    Sorry you are yet another victim. Anytime I see someone
    asking about this rip off bunch ahead of time, I try my best
    to warn them. If you paid by credit card, you have your
    recourse to get your money back. If you paid by some other
    means, you best bet is to go right to the top and make a
    report to your state's attorney general. Any message boards
    where you have time to post about your experience may help
    others to stay away from this bunch also. The more wide
    spread we can make their bad press, the sooner, hopefully,
    they will be out of business. Good luck with it. I hope you
    can nail them to the wall.