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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by GreyLady on 5/13/07
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    They are beautiful, as are most of the hybrids. That's the
    problem. They are also birds that should not exist. In my
    opinion, it's just as irresponsible to mix species of birds as it
    is to breed mutt dogs on purpose. The difference here is it can
    be big money for the irresponsible, low life, money grubbing
    breeders who do. There is still no long term study into how this
    kind of mixing might affect health and behavior, down the line.
    I also think it's irresponsible to allow these breeders to make
    money from this practice. The the demand for them would dry up,
    there would be no reason for them to continue doing it. And it
    gets even worse. There are breeders who are breeding hybrids.
    These are not people who care one whit about anything beyond
    lining their pockets.