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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by Stop the abuse on 5/15/07
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    Here's my 2 cents worth:
    Some of the avian websites, and bird mags, with areas for advertising
    in them, do not permit ads to be listed for any kind of Hybrid
    psittaccine, including, macaws. I think a good way to stop the spread
    of this insidious infection is for site owners of the big ones for
    advertising, including Birdmart, Up@Six, TooLady, AvianBiotecth,
    Hoobly, etc. to put a clause in their site usage policies that bans the
    advertising of all hybrid macaws and other hybrid parrots. Then greedy
    hybrid breeders who abuse the priveleges of advertising on these sites,
    will be forced to show their "colors" on their own sites, ones that
    dont get nearly the amount of traffic. That should effectively put an
    end to this disease. Out of "site" = out of mind!

    On 5/15/07, To Don't Get Ripped Off wrote:
    > I agree with you 150&37;. You are totally right, you and Greylady.
    > Whats soooo wrong with keeping the species the same???????? Hello.
    > People are so friggen greedy and yet there are so many poor poor
    > birds out there who are getting abused or who aren't appreciated.
    > So damn sad