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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by electra on 5/16/07
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    i happen to like my "MUTT" dog and find them more healthy than pure
    breds. And I happen to think the hybrids are beautiful. I am not
    breeding them but i do see their appeal. I think their are plenty of
    breeders who like the originals and will keep them going strong and also
    breeders trying new things. To say their all bad is a bit extreme and
    sterortyping at best. People just have different ideas from each
    other...aka diversity. EMbrace it:)

    On 5/15/07, Stop the abuse wrote:
    > Here's my 2 cents worth:
    > Some of the avian websites, and bird mags, with areas for advertising
    > in them, do not permit ads to be listed for any kind of Hybrid
    > psittaccine, including, macaws. I think a good way to stop the spread
    > of this insidious infection is for site owners of the big ones for
    > advertising, including Birdmart, Up@Six, TooLady, AvianBiotecth,
    > Hoobly, etc. to put a clause in their site usage policies that bans
    > advertising of all hybrid macaws and other hybrid parrots. Then greedy
    > hybrid breeders who abuse the priveleges of advertising on these
    > will be forced to show their "colors" on their own sites, ones that
    > dont get nearly the amount of traffic. That should effectively put an
    > end to this disease. Out of "site" = out of mind!
    > On 5/15/07, To Don't Get Ripped Off wrote:
    >> I agree with you 150&37;. You are totally right, you and Greylady.
    >> Whats soooo wrong with keeping the species the same???????? Hello.
    >> People are so friggen greedy and yet there are so many poor poor
    >> birds out there who are getting abused or who aren't appreciated.
    >> So damn sad