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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by Barb P. on 5/16/07
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    On 5/16/07, electra wrote:

    Nice to meet you Miss Electra. Nice to meet ANYBODY possessing at least
    some semblance of a NAME here. All these strong opinions & harsh
    words.......voices of authority......a regulatory board establishing
    prices.....making assumptions & stating them as facts....... All this from
    behind silly pseudonyms. Hiding! Evidently thay're not proud enough (or is
    it, certain enough?) of what they have to say to put their name on it.

    I'm afraid I'm gonna find one of you guys crouched behind a Rhodadendron in
    my garden one of these days! Oh yeah.......the Rhoda's are DEFINITELY HYBRIDS!

    Barb the Old Bird Lady

    and as the lyric goes in SPAMALOT, "I ain't dead yet!"