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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by Jo-Ann on 5/28/07
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    On 5/16/07, Barb P. wrote:
    > On 5/16/07, electra wrote:
    > Nice to meet you Miss Electra. Nice to meet ANYBODY possessing at least
    > some semblance of a NAME here. All these strong opinions & harsh
    > words.......voices of authority......a regulatory board establishing
    > prices.....making assumptions & stating them as facts....... All this from
    > behind silly pseudonyms. Hiding! Evidently thay're not proud enough (or is
    > it, certain enough?) of what they have to say to put their name on it.
    > I'm afraid I'm gonna find one of you guys crouched behind a Rhodadendron in
    > my garden one of these days! Oh yeah.......the Rhoda's are DEFINITELY HYBRIDS!
    > Barb the Old Bird Lady
    > and as the lyric goes in SPAMALOT, "I ain't dead yet!"

    To make an analogy of dog "mutts" to bird hybrids is absurd!! Dogs are a
    species in of itself with different "races" or "breeds" The parrots are of
    different species - it's like putting a poodle with a hyena! Yes they are both
    canine in the grouping but are of different species. Another example is mating
    a horse with a donkey - one way you get a mule the other way an ass - and
    aren't they sterile?

    Would you put a Macaw with an African Grey? I hope not!! The closest I can
    think of to a "mutt" in dog terms is the different colorations of cockatiels
    and budgies - but even they are more akin to a white tiger. Naturally
    occurring, but in the wild they would be killed and eaten early in life.

    To me - the species is the species and should not be tampered with. Why do we
    as a species have to "improve" everything nature has given us?