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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by To To Joanne on 5/30/07
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    On 5/30/07, To:To Joanne wrote:
    > On 5/30/07, To Joanne wrote:
    >> On 5/28/07, Jo-Ann wrote:
    >>> On 5/16/07, Barb P. wrote:
    >>>> On 5/16/07, electra wrote:
    >>>> Nice to meet you Miss Electra. Nice to meet ANYBODY possessing at least
    >>>> some semblance of a NAME here. All these strong opinions & harsh
    >>>> words.......voices of authority......a regulatory board establishing
    >>>> prices.....making assumptions & stating them as facts....... All this from
    >>>> behind silly pseudonyms. Hiding! Evidently thay're not proud enough (or is
    >>>> it, certain enough?) of what they have to say to put their name on it.
    >>>> I'm afraid I'm gonna find one of you guys crouched behind a Rhodadendron in
    >>>> my garden one of these days! Oh yeah.......the Rhoda's are DEFINITELY
    >> HYBRIDS!
    >>>> Barb the Old Bird Lady
    >>>> and as the lyric goes in SPAMALOT, "I ain't dead yet!"
    >>> To make an analogy of dog "mutts" to bird hybrids is absurd!! Dogs are a
    >>> species in of itself with different "races" or "breeds" The parrots are of
    >>> different species - it's like putting a poodle with a hyena! Yes they are both
    >>> canine in the grouping but are of different species. Another example is mating
    >>> a horse with a donkey - one way you get a mule the other way an ass - and
    >>> aren't they sterile?
    >>> Would you put a Macaw with an African Grey? I hope not!! The closest I can
    >>> think of to a "mutt" in dog terms is the different colorations of cockatiels
    >>> and budgies - but even they are more akin to a white tiger. Naturally
    >>> occurring, but in the wild they would be killed and eaten early in life.
    >>> To me - the species is the species and should not be tampered with. Why do we
    >>> as a species have to "improve" everything nature has given us?
    >> Joanne,
    >> Very very well said!!!! Thank you! Now watch all the people who will come
    >> back with attitude. People will still do what they do for the almighty
    >> dollar. Its really really sad that they do this all the while so many birds
    >> who need homes.
    > Funny how you interpret "attitude" with an opinion that differs from yours.

    Sounds like you are one of them who will do anything for the all mighty dollar. If
    you weren't it wouldn't "ruffle your feathers" hahahaha! I didn't type that with
    an attitude, I'm still smiling. Its people like you who are so predictable. You
    must be a woman, you just have to get the last word in don't you LOLOL. xoxo