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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by electra on 5/31/07
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    People have been manipulating genetics since man first stopped hunting and became
    farmers.......sometimes for the betterment of all sometimes not. No one knows
    where this will lead for the parrots. To make an analogy to dogs is not far off.
    Both are bred to be companion animals, both started from wild stock, both are
    being crossed to produce new types. THeir are still purebred dogs and there are
    still "MUTTS". THis is what I think will happen w/ birds. Not every "RESCUE"
    bird can just be put into a new home. Most have major issues beyond the abilities
    of the novice owner. So to just tell people to adopt is not always the best
    situation for the bird or the people. Many are better off w/ a baby to raise into
    their family. And many rescued parrots are best left to the expert rehabers and
    behaviorists. And NO I don't breed birds and never have so my opinion is not
    influenced by money....merely the reality of things no ones gonna change any time

    On 5/30/07, barb p. wrote:
    > Ah, yes. P.O.E. PURITY of ESSENCE. PEACE on EARTH.
    > Dr. Strangelove, I presume........................
    > BP
    >>> To me - the species is the species and should not be tampered with. Why do we
    >>> as a species have to "improve" everything nature has given us?
    >> Joanne,
    >> Very very well said!!!! Thank you! Now watch all the people who will come
    >> back with attitude. People will still do what they do for the almighty
    >> dollar. Its really really sad that they do this all the while so many birds
    >> who need homes.