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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by Xavier on 6/02/07
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    YES, we did notice that B.P., the infamous flamboyant Chicago Hybrid Macaw Price Gouger
    has since removed all of the prices for her hybrid macaw babies off of her internet ads
    & website right around the same time that she first posted on this very same Camelot
    macaw thread. Maybe she finally noticed that other vendors online, including several
    professional parrot/macaw breeders and PETSHOPS, were selling the same kind of mixed up
    species of hybrid macaw babies for hundreds of dollars less (actually a $1,000 less in
    once case) then she has been promoting and blatantly pushing hers for. Perhaps she
    thinks that because her birds are "vet checked" that they are worth more. BUT, her vet,
    does nothing more than look at them, and never does cultures or labs. Those reports
    never come with her health checks from him, because they simply DO NOT exist. He only
    charges his clients $20 a pop, or less (depending upon eho they are) for his vet check
    services, and at those prices, trust me, you do get what you pay for! I am not knocking
    him, cause he is GREAT guy, who does a wonderful service and saves tons of money for
    his thousands of clients. He is a well loved vet for what he does, which is primarily
    service those cheap breeders who refuse to pay regular avian vet prices, for a thorough
    work-up and exam. Her clients will tell you, she produces & sells defective birds, and
    gets away with it by dropping this popular avian vet's name. Watch Out folks! In this
    case, you DO NOT get what you pay for!!!

    Further More, It is a well known fact that weaned baby hybrid macaw prices goes like
    this -
    You take the average price of a baby of each, or all, of the species involved the mix
    to come up with your hyrid pricing. For instance, if a Scarlet baby sells for $1200 and
    a Military baby for $700, then a Shamrock macaw baby sells for $950. that has always
    been the delineator, regardless of how many generations they have been bred out.

    And YES, it is ethically wrong to intentionally produce hybrid macaws solely for the
    intent of material gain!

    >>>>> On 5/16/07, Barb P. wrote: Nice to meet ANYBODY possessing at least
    some semblance of a NAME here. All these strong opinions & harsh
    words.......voices of authority......a regulatory board establishing
    prices.....making assumptions & stating them as facts....... All this from
    behind silly pseudonyms. Hiding! Evidently thay're not proud enough (or is
    it, certain enough?) of what they have to say to put their name on it.
    .... Barb the Old Bird Lady

    and as the lyric goes in SPAMALOT, "I ain't dead yet!" <<<<<<

    TOO BAD!