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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by Xavier on 6/02/07
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    I'm not knocking him at all. I've used him myself, for the similar purposes that you have!
    I think he's great at what he does, and super person, to boot! BUT, somebdy else here, is
    basing her reputation on his in a misleading way, which is highly and intentionally

    > Xavier, I'm not intereste in Macaws, hybrid or otherwise. I'm responding to
    > your "impression" of Dr. Scott McDonald and the services he provides.
    > There are many of us breeders who are not "cheap" and don't rely on him for actual
    > medical services whatsoever. What we "cheap" breeders do use him for is his ability to
    > offer surgical sexing. I can't speak for everyone, but I have an avian vet that I use
    > locally and couldn't live without, who provides me with the labs, stains and general
    > medical care, etc. that I need for my flock.
    > There are some of us "cheap" breeders that like to offer our potential clients the
    > ability to know the gender of the bird that they are purchasing. Actually, with me, no
    > bird leaves my aviary without being surgically sexed and tattooed, or DNA tested by Avian
    > Biotech when Dr. McDonald is not around.
    > When you have large quantities of babies to sex, $10-15 dollars is a lot less expensive
    > than $20 a pop from the labs.
    > Again, I'm not questioning what some breeders might call an exam, but please know that
    > Dr. McDonald provides an invaluable service to many of us "cheap" breeders.