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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by Jo-Ann on 6/03/07
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    "Pure bred" dogs is misleading since the origins are uncertain to begin with.
    Do they come from wolves? Wild dogs in Africa? After 5000 years no one is for

    Domestic dogs are dogs either a poodle a pug or bulldog - it's a dog - that is
    the species. Just like human is the species with different "breeds" or races
    such as Caucasian, Negro, and Asian. We are not of different species just like
    dogs aren't.

    On the other hand parrots are of different species/sub-species. Would anyone
    here mate with another primate like a gorilla? Of course not!!

    I went to a hybrid macaw website - I guess it was one listed - yes they are
    beautiful birds - but is that the reason we have companion parrots? We call
    them companions because that is what they are. We don't call them "our beautiful
    hybrid that sits in the cage for us to admire".

    I don't have a macaw and don't think I will ever have one. I was intimidated by
    the beak and size!! And as crazy as this may seem the appearance didn't tickle
    my toes like most people. BUT - I fell head over heals in love with a B&G
    (already sold) baby at the local pet store!! He is beautiful with a lovable
    nature that that makes his outer beauty pale in comparison!! If I had the
    money, time, and space I would try to out-buy him! He is not yet weaned and is
    about 5 months old.

    Now that is a beautiful bird! The thought of this creature mating with another
    sub-species of macaw or other species sickens me. There is no guarantee that a
    particular bird will behave within the known guidelines of its species. By
    "making" hybrids, they are playing with genetics, and the unknown - it's bad
    enough when degreed scientists and researchers do it - but bird breeders? I
    doubt very much if any of them have any science, genetics or biology
    backgrounds. I know there may be a few out there - but small backyard breeders?
    Or Bird store owners who breed? I doubt it very much.

    It's playing God - I think the original job was done just right.