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Re: Beautiful Baby Camelot Macaw

Posted by KittyJ on 6/06/07
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    On 6/05/07, electra wrote:
    > Sorry but I post under Electra here. Yes jill is my name but there are
    > several other' s who post under that name here that are not me. Usually in
    > the smaller bird forums. So I just go by Electra here. I have for several
    > years and am known by that here to others. More than likely that was what she
    > was referring too. Boy do i miss McKay and Micheal L. THey rocked:)

    Jill, I 100% understand and know what you go through! GO TO GOOGLE nad type in

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!! I am not all those people. YIKES!! If I was; I'm popular!
    Thats why on other forums i tried to change my name, but I guess I am now known
    as KittyJ everywhere. I even try to sign my REAL name to my posts and people
    start to think I will be doing a MULTI PERSONALITY thing. oi!!!


    I MISS MKAY AND MICHAEL L AS WELL! They were very ood friend of mine here, and I
    wish I got Mkays email, Michael L doesnt use email anymore, or atleast his old
    address. Which on WWW.THEPERCH.NET I use his formal email as my name;
    Beautiful*Birds. Such a beautiful name, and I agree he had such beautiful birds,
    and I use that name onm the forum because it ties me back here with my memores.
    I went by LibertyBirdsUSA on another forum BUUUUT.. HAHAHA. I guess I was too
    argumenative. Although I wasnt, just wanted to clear thigns up and ask Q's, isnt
    that what the worlds about? But then they'd say I was debating. R-GHT whatever,
    then the fat admin person starting saying SO MANY lies about me, we got in a
    email wars. Because technically you cannot post a minors age, address and and
    even ONLINE NAMEs and well my mom was furious because my dad is a freak and we
    have been avoiding him for years, if he used my real name with all that info and
    tied it to my accounts and all, I'd well, haha. But yeah, well now many of you
    know my BIO.

    STILL will be using KITTYJ here :) As thats what everyone knows me as I suppose.