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Re: B/G Question

Posted by Linda on 5/18/07
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    On 5/18/07, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 5/18/07, Linda wrote:
    >> I have a 3 yr old male...How old does he have to be before
    >> he can have a girlfriend? TY
    > If you do that, she won't be just his "girlfriend". You will
    > be risking losing him as a loving pet. If he forms a mating
    > bond with a female, he is likely to care less whether he has
    > any relationship with you, ever again. Generally speaking,
    > birds are pets or they are breeders, rarely both. It's up to
    > you if you want to risk destroying the bond you have with him
    > as a pet.
    TYVM for the info..He wont be having a girlfriend!!!!! lol