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Re: B/G Question/Linda

Posted by Debby on 5/19/07
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    3 years is too young for a Macaw to breed, normally I would say 7 or
    8 they would breed, some might try to breed at 5 or 6, but usually
    its 7 or 8.

    Hope this helps

    >> Hi Linda, I have Macaws, and just wanted to share my experience
    >> with you on that subject.
    >> Were you planning on housing them in the same cage or different
    >> cage? If you were going to get another cage, and put them out
    >> for playtime together, I see no reason, why both birds couldn't
    >> bond to you, but also to each other. I have that here in my
    >> house. I have a military that loves my blue and gold, they have
    >> a double macaw cage, and are in the same cage. They are at
    >> breeding age as well, and they are still wonderful pet quality
    >> birds. They have never tried to bite me when together, they both
    >> step up, they both give me kisses, but yet they love each other.
    >> I also have a Catalina Macaw and a Scarlet, same situation. In a
    >> double macaw cage, play together etc, but still have the
    >> affection toward me.
    >> I have heard what Grey lady has said from other people. I
    >> believe if you handle them in a daily basis, and give them the
    >> attention and the affection, you won't have a problem. I have
    >> had my macaws for awhile now, and as I said they are of breeding
    >> age, and they are just fine together, and still great with me.
    >> I would say of course, in the beginning to house them seperately
    >> because of quarentine issues, after that, let them get to know
    >> each other slowly with your supervision, on a playstand. If your
    >> heart is set on getting another bird, I would say go for it.
    >> I don't have nest boxs up as I don't want them to breed, but
    >> they preen each other , lock beaks, and truly are affectionate
    >> to one another. However, they still are with me as well.
    >> I hope this helps. If you do decide to get another, good luck
    >> Debby
    >> what age do these have to be to breed? I heard 3 and then I heard
    > 6..ty
    >>>>> I have a 3 yr old male...How old does he have to be before
    >>>>> he can have a girlfriend? TY
    >>>> If you do that, she won't be just his "girlfriend". You will
    >>>> be risking losing him as a loving pet. If he forms a mating
    >>>> bond with a female, he is likely to care less whether he has
    >>>> any relationship with you, ever again. Generally speaking,
    >>>> birds are pets or they are breeders, rarely both. It's up to
    >>>> you if you want to risk destroying the bond you have with him
    >>>> as a pet.
    >>> TYVM for the info..He wont be having a girlfriend!!!!! lol