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Re: B/G Question/Linda

Posted by KittyJ on 5/26/07
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    If he is handraised macaw he probably wont know how to mate nd wont
    choose the female macaw as a mate and view her as a rival for your
    affection. Many people think birds are like dogs and you can pair them
    up and botta boom botta bang they take to eachother. But not birds. It
    may be months, years maybe never, for your male to like her, or
    another bird. Betty off of The Perch has Macaw rivalries, and they
    will go for eachother, and they are opposite sex and some same
    species! So just because they are same species or different sexes,
    doens tmean they will want to breed. And Macaws hit puberty around 4 I
    believe, and shoudnt even try to be bred until 9. 7 is the earlierst,
    but thats like breeding a teenager. They do their best in their teens
    and 20's as breeders. Remember these birds will need a LARGE flight
    cage if you truly want them to bred them. And dont get upset if he
    DOES take to the female, and wants NOTHIGN to do with you except to
    chase you and bite your ankles, leave bruises, and stiches on you, and
    lunge and all. Also sometimes liek I said, when the bird doesnt take
    to the new bird, it may even start to develope behavior problems. I'd
    talk to other MACAW breeders, or people who have many macaws so you
    can learn all about them before you try anything :)