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Re: new B&G

Posted by KittyJ on 5/26/07
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    On 5/23/07, Anne wrote:
    > On 5/23/07, electra wrote:
    >> Just had to share my news:) Just picked up my new B&G
    >> today. So cute....only 6 weeks old and a big ONE
    >> already. I'll post pictures after he settles in a few
    >> days.
    > Congratulations on your new baby. Can't wait for the
    > pictures. How about some pictures of your Goffins, also?
    > Anne

    Yeah pics of your g2 and your baby! I owuld love to see as
    well! Gosh 6 weeks, all the handfeeding, I bet its great lol.
    Pics soon ok :)