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Re: B&G chick needs a bath

Posted by GreyLady on 5/26/07
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    It's fine to bathe him so long as you make sure he isn't in a
    draft and doesn't get chilled until he is totally dry. You
    can put some aloe juice, straight from the plant, into the
    warm bath water. That will help soften those itchy pins and
    will be good for his skin as well. It's even good for his
    insides, should he preen some of it off. Just make sure you
    take it from a plant and not some over the counter product.
    I cut an arm from the plant, slit it open and squeeze the
    gooey into the bath water. As for the dried formula, good
    luck with that. Once that stuff hardens, they almost have to
    molt it off to get rid of it. You can try soaking it with
    the aloe/water by holding wet cotton balls on it and that
    might help some but once it dries, it's a real "heller" to
    get off them.