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Re: B&G chick needs a bath

Posted by electra on 5/26/07
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    thanks i aprreciate the advice:)

    On 5/26/07, GreyLady wrote:
    > It's fine to bathe him so long as you make sure he isn't in
    > draft and doesn't get chilled until he is totally dry. You
    > can put some aloe juice, straight from the plant, into the
    > warm bath water. That will help soften those itchy pins and
    > will be good for his skin as well. It's even good for his
    > insides, should he preen some of it off. Just make sure you
    > take it from a plant and not some over the counter product.
    > I cut an arm from the plant, slit it open and squeeze the
    > gooey into the bath water. As for the dried formula, good
    > luck with that. Once that stuff hardens, they almost have
    > molt it off to get rid of it. You can try soaking it with
    > the aloe/water by holding wet cotton balls on it and that
    > might help some but once it dries, it's a real "heller" to
    > get off them.