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Re: looking for a blue and gold macaw less than a year old

Posted by To Tanner on 5/30/07
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    On 5/30/07, To: To Tanner wrote:
    > On 5/30/07, To Tanner wrote:
    >> On 5/29/07, Tanner wrote:
    >>> im looking for a cheap blue and gold macaw from a breeder
    >>> that is 12 weeks old... maybe a little older
    >> A cheap B&G? What the heck? If you don't have the money to
    >> pay for a bird, you don't have the money to cover vet bills.
    >> Tanner, maybe you should consider buying a small bird.
    > Silly person. People like Tanner don't vet their birds so
    > cheap works just fine for them.

    Therefore causing their birds to die at a young age or being
    rehomed. Give me a flippin break. Cheap? Whats cheap to you
    Tanner? Free just like some other people here wanting free
    birds? Come on now, go buy a parakeet