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Re: looking for a blue and gold macaw less than a year old

Posted by electra on 5/31/07
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    i can help here..........i paid 799.99 for my B&G chick at 6 weeks
    old. We drove 3 hours away to get him about 75.00 in gas. I spent
    700.00 on a cage. About 200.00 on formula and herbals for his
    food. 250.00 on toys or more. Will be going to the vet for a check
    up in 5 weeks about 300.00 more. Then there will be the weaning
    foods/pellets etc. I have to be home for 3 feedings during my day
    no matter WHAT happens. Doesn't matter what it is i have to be here
    for the feedings. Then there's the changing of his towels and play
    times and the cost of the electric over the weeks for the heat
    lamps. Oh and i forgot the cost of the bins, towels, syringes,
    scale, and thermometers well over 250.00. My point being there is
    no such thing as a CHEAP macaw. Just to give you an idea of what
    your looking at. Spend the money and buy a WEANED baby from a good
    breeder. I am able to do this because i have this summer free and i
    have 15 years of bird feeding experience and it is still a

    On 5/30/07, tanner wrote:
    > On 5/30/07, To Tanner wrote:
    >> On 5/30/07, To: To Tanner wrote:
    >>> On 5/30/07, To Tanner wrote:
    >>>> On 5/29/07, Tanner wrote:
    >>>>> im looking for a cheap blue and gold macaw from a breeder
    >>>>> that is 12 weeks old... maybe a little older
    >>>> A cheap B&G? What the heck? If you don't have the money to
    >>>> pay for a bird, you don't have the money to cover vet bills.
    >>>> Tanner, maybe you should consider buying a small bird.
    >>> Silly person. People like Tanner don't vet their birds so
    >>> cheap works just fine for them.
    >> Therefore causing their birds to die at a young age or being
    >> rehomed. Give me a flippin break. Cheap? Whats cheap to you
    >> Tanner? Free just like some other people here wanting free
    >> birds? Come on now, go buy a parakeet
    > cheap is 900 to 1100