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Re: I want to buy a Green Wing Baby

Posted by karen on 6/20/07
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    Baby or Adult
    When getting ready to purchase a pet.
    Or a better way to say it
    Adding a member to the household.
    The first thing you have to remember
    Babies take a lot of time & patatance!
    Human, animal or bird
    If you purchase a baby bird please take time to train
    & socialize it so it does not go crazy and become a biting
    screaming mutilator.

    I have had luck with adopting an adult bird from a sanctuary or a
    breeder I volunteered for 1 years at a refuge and visiting
    other refuges seeing about 200 birds.
    In that time I learned a lot about the various types of birds and
    got an impression of what type of bird was right for me.
    Then Angelo picked me out. He is a 13 year old TAG. His Mom died
    and the dad did not want him, so off to the refuge.
    Angelo took to me immediately he was on my shoulder about 10
    seconds after I opened the cage door. He is the best!
    I also have a 5th hand OWA, he is mister independent. It took
    about 6 months to gain his trust but I am happy I took the time.
    Each person that looks into adding a member the household should
    consider what will work for them.
    I enjoy having independent birds that can travel between the
    couch, play area and there cage as they wish. I enjoy an
    independent adult bird. So that is what I got!
    Take your time, remember they may out live you!