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Re: I want to buy a Green Wing Baby

Posted by Debby on 6/20/07
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    Kitty , yes there are alot of birds out there that need
    adoption, however, maybe some people like the idea of getting a
    bird, and having it from a baby on up.

    Yes they could have problems when they reach maturity, but that
    hasn't been my case. I have macaws, and they have their moments,
    but they are still sweet. Where are you getting your information

    Why would she or he have lack of knowledge? Im sure they have
    read about the macaw they are wanting, and when they get one
    will continue to learn and grow.

    I just don't understand what has happened to you in the last few
    months. How old are you? I believe a teen, a young teen, yet you
    have a cockatoo, which to me is a very needy bird. You might
    have adopted it, but I believe in years to come you will have
    problems as well. Everyone that owns a bird will run into
    problems, its how they deal with it, and all the information
    they gather that will help them through the rough times.

    Let people make their own decisions. Please stop telling people
    what to do. Its not not right.


    > Dont breed, dont buy, adopt. More thyan likely in the next 5
    > years you will have to give her up because of lack of
    > knowledge of what your getting into.
    > Go to a rescue/bird shelter/sanctuary and learn about parrots
    > and macaws and green wings in general, and adop one.
    > Babies, I NEVER recommend to anyone who doesnt already have
    > one of the same specie and has a lot of larger parrot
    > experience.
    > Once the hormonal stage hit 3-7+ you'll have a tough time...