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Re: macaw role call

Posted by marianne on 7/22/07
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    On 7/20/07, Rick wrote:
    > I have 2 B&G Macaws.......... Molly and Vinnie....we think
    > both males. Also have M2 and 2 GC Conures.
    > On 7/17/07, Susan wrote:
    >> I have a Harlequin and a Yellow Collared, along with nine
    >> other exotic birds...
    >> On 6/18/07, electra wrote:
    >>> Just wondering what types of macaws everyone keeps most
    >>> here.............I have a blue and gold
    We had a B&G for 28 years her name was tammy she passed away due
    to egg binding we are so lost and heart broken with out her. We
    are looking to adopt another female B&G or a hybrid as we love
    the breeds so much and our home is so empty with out our baby