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Re: macaw role call

Posted by jeff on 8/05/07
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    On 7/22/07, marianne wrote:
    > On 7/20/07, Rick wrote:
    >> I have 2 B&G Macaws.......... Molly and Vinnie....we think
    >> both males. Also have M2 and 2 GC Conures.
    >> On 7/17/07, Susan wrote:
    >>> I have a Harlequin and a Yellow Collared, along with nine
    >>> other exotic birds...
    >>> On 6/18/07, electra wrote:
    >>>> Just wondering what types of macaws everyone keeps most
    >>>> here.............I have a blue and gold
    > We had a B&G for 28 years her name was tammy she passed away due
    > to egg binding we are so lost and heart broken with out her. We
    > are looking to adopt another female B&G or a hybrid as we love
    > the breeds so much and our home is so empty with out our baby
    I have four blue and golds two greenwings one female blue and gold
    is avaliable for adoption i live in mi