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Post: Went Camping With Our Birds!!

Posted by Rachel in TX on 6/21/07

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    Just wondered if anyone else has done this before? We had
    gone on a camping trip and had my family watch our animals
    while we were away. Well, our Greenwing didn't like the
    fact that he wasn't getting the attention or interaction
    that he so deserves & starting picking at his feathers on
    the top area of his wings.

    My hubby & I decided that we will take our birds with us
    on the next trip to see how it goes. (Everyone thought we
    had definitely fallen off our rockers when we told them of
    our idea!)

    We carefully planned out how we would travel with them &
    what cages and what location in our travel trailer they
    would go. We also knew that this may confine us to the
    campsite or get us kicked out! lol. (They really don't
    like people to tell them bye & they also get really
    excited when knew people come up to them.) Well, I missed
    the local bird shows, so I had to go to several bird
    stores for extra toys since we were going to have them
    sleep in smaller cages.

    Finally, we were all packed up and ready to begin our
    vacation! (Bringing birds along for a trip is a lot like
    packing for an infant or two!) Our birds love to go for
    rides be a part of our family. When we arrived at the
    campsite, the first thing to do once we leveled the camper
    was to get the birds situated. I was so worried that they
    would get too loud! If you ever want to be alone & no one
    to "bother" you while camping.... Don't bring any
    animals, especially birds! Most people do not see or much
    less get to interact with these beautiful babies!

    I just have to brag on them! My GW & Illiger were so well
    behaved & enjoyed ALL of the attention that they received
    on vacation! They will be going with us again & again! I
    will not leave them behind ever again!

    Does anyone else have any experiences like this? Please

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