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Re: Lost Bird

Posted by karen on 6/30/07
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    On 6/29/07, Daisy wrote:
    > Lost Bird
    > Blue and Gold Macaw
    > Lost in Suisun City, CA near Railroad Ave.
    > On 6\26\2007
    > If you see her please call:
    > 707-426-5033 or 707-410-6118
    > She took my heart when she flew away.
    > Please help me find my baby.

    go to this web
    log on & get help! They have a lot of good ideas
    Get friends in the area to help!
    Print out 30+ color posters with your cell# & put a reward
    on it. 300$ will get a lot of people looking for you! & if
    someone has her allready it may make them pick up a phone.
    Take the posters to all the vets & stores in the area. Put
    them up where the people are, put them in the parks for
    miles around. Put info on a local raido station & contact
    animal control that you are looking.
    Does your bird have a contact call?
    put that on the poster. My TAG will respond YooHoo to me &
    that is how I found him after 2 days out.
    4 days out! you have a lot of ground to cover
    Good luck