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Post: Cross post.Macaw needs help NC stuck in tree

Posted by angie on 7/17/07

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    Posted by: "Izzy's Mom" paw0214
    Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:00 pm (PST)
    I just talked to this guy, anyone in the NC area
    that can help? The bird is still in the tree as of 6:30 pm.
    Anyone from that area? I suggested a bucket truck from tree
    company with plenty of pistachios...if possible also using
    a hose sprayed ABOVE the bird to hopefully bring him down.
    I don't know where Mic is from but we have to get him
    down.. Again, this bird is still there as of 6:30 July 16
    07...I'm in MA. Anyone in NC? Please forward this email to
    whoever you think might be able to go there and help him.
    Thanks, Pam

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    From: Jayne Stafford
    Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 3:16 PM
    Subject: Macaw

    Hi Judy,

    I am lost as what to do in this situation. Someone called
    me thinking they found Mic.

    There is a Blue and Gold Macaw sitting in a tree in
    Bessemer City, NC. It has been there for 3 days. I have
    tried to get this man help to get him down, but haven't
    been sucessful. I am really afraid the little one is going
    to get dehydrated very soon. He is about 200 ft up.

    Any suggestions?

    If anyone can call him with help that would be great. He
    needs it immediately!





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