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Re: macaw submission question

Posted by Susan on 7/23/07
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    We have three male cockatiels that do the same thing. I
    think it is to establish a "pecking" order, so to speak.
    How long have you had both macaws? Do they share a cage?

    On 7/20/07, Rick wrote:
    > I have a question maybe someone with long term Macaw
    > experience can help with. I have 2 B&G Macaws which I
    > thought (was told) were males, but have been noticing that
    > 1 of them is very submissive to the other. They were not
    > raised together, but recently introduced to each other for
    > companionship. They do lock beaks and mimic the feeding
    > ritual. They are DNA'd, but this would be my next step to
    > actually determining their sex.
    > I am just wanting to know of this behaviour, or is it
    > normal as a ritual in establishing heiarchy (dominance).
    > Any info would truly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.