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Re: macaw submission question

Posted by Rick on 7/23/07
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    We have had 1 for approx. 6 months and the other is a newbie.
    We also have noticed that the 1 we thought was a male was
    preening excessively on the other, and to the others delight
    was enjoying it too much, even in the vent area.
    Now we think we have a male and a female. They were becoming
    more and more bonded with their feeding and preenings. When
    they are together they will lash out at us, so we have limited
    their time to play time together so we can keep them as pets.
    This is the reason now we wonder if they are becoming a bonded
    pair as they truly enjoy each others company.
    Any other info would be greatly appreciated also. Thanks in

    On 7/23/07, Susan wrote:
    > We have three male cockatiels that do the same thing. I
    > think it is to establish a "pecking" order, so to speak.
    > How long have you had both macaws? Do they share a cage?
    > On 7/20/07, Rick wrote:
    >> I have a question maybe someone with long term Macaw
    >> experience can help with. I have 2 B&G Macaws which I
    >> thought (was told) were males, but have been noticing that
    >> 1 of them is very submissive to the other. They were not
    >> raised together, but recently introduced to each other for
    >> companionship. They do lock beaks and mimic the feeding
    >> ritual. They are DNA'd, but this would be my next step to
    >> actually determining their sex.
    >> I am just wanting to know of this behaviour, or is it
    >> normal as a ritual in establishing heiarchy (dominance).
    >> Any info would truly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.