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Re: For a measly $20

Posted by Rick on 7/24/07
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    On 7/24/07, Wake UP! wrote:
    > I sit here and just have to laugh over the concern of a
    > bird's gender.
    > You put so much money into the purchase price of this bird
    > and the supplies and food, yet you won't spend a stinking
    > $20 to find out what gender of bird you have.
    > Knowing this would solve a multitude of problems for you,
    > but still you balk at doing the test.
    > Personally, I don't think a bird should be permitted to be
    > sold without knowing this in advance.
    > Come on folks, spend the $20 and make half your problems
    > away!

    I don't know if laughing is going to help much, other than
    for self gratification.
    For those of us who acquire a bird and then possibly another
    of the same species for strictly companionship, with no
    intention of breeding in mind, sexing is not a major
    As in my case, I was told I had 2 males and then I started
    noticing some courting traits and mating behaviour, then the
    concern became relivent.
    Now, as I stated, I will have them DNA' reason to
    before now.
    If birds had definite signs of sexing, such as dogs, there
    would no need for topics such as this.

    Thanks for posting.