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Re: For a measly $20

Posted by me again on 7/24/07
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    On 7/24/07, Rick wrote:

    > For those of us who acquire a bird and then possibly another
    > of the same species for strictly companionship, with no
    > intention of breeding in mind, sexing is not a major
    > concern.

    I beg to differ my friend.

    Knowing the gender of your birds can help to be aware of health
    concerns that may arise in the future.
    Knowing that you have a female can help you identify possible
    egg binding should it occur. This could save the birds life if
    you have a bird who might "appear" egg bound, but you don't
    know the gender. Knowing the bird is a female will alleviate
    all uncertainties.
    Even without a nest box, females can and will lay eggs.