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Re: Is This a Scam???

Posted by Marti on 10/20/07
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    Wow!! Who jerked your chain!! I don't think my post said
    anything about my expertise knowledge on prices of hyancinths
    macaws. I have macaws so I consider myself bird savvy but
    certainly not out to impress anyone. Just trying to keep some
    poor soul from getting scammed.

    On 10/20/07, For Marti wrote:
    > On 10/19/07, Marti wrote:
    > A
    >> young, healthy, beautifully feathered pair of hyacinths
    >> would sell for about $4000 to $ 5000 dollars.
    > Marti, if you find a pair of Hyacinths for the price you
    > above, PLEASE contact me as I would LOVE to buy them.
    > See, where I come from, and if you're bird savvy and aren't
    > trying to impress someone of a bird board with pseudo-
    > professional advice, that same pair you describe would cost
    > about 18,000-25,000. Don't speak of what you don't know.