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Post: Is This a Scam???

Posted by Genevieve on 8/12/07

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    This is the e-mail that I got...

    Lily and Fify are a pair of hyacinth macaws with a
    wonderful personality
    They are 18months old and were purchased from a local
    are sweet, talkatives, love a warm shower,friendly to kids
    and dogs,
    and LOTS of love and attention!They have full beautiful
    their beaks and feathers are nicely groomed and their
    nails are trimmed.
    Their wings are clipped to make their tamer.They are well
    mannered and
    none stressed.They are not feather pickers.They were
    raised from birth
    away from their mother so they does not know how to
    fly.The female is a fertile
    egg laying female.They have been vet checked,DNA sexed and
    We are away from home all day and would like to see them
    go to a secure
    and loving home.They will be adopted out for $550 which
    included their cages,
    their freestanding Tanzanian wood perch and all of their
    medical records.
    I would prefer to adopt them to a bird lover, not a bird
    broker who know that
    these are large birds and requires some space.Their cage
    dimensions are
    3' X 3'1/2' X 2' and they sit on a wheeled platform about
    1 foot high.Its easy
    to clean and good for a birds of their size.But the Lovely
    birds will even love
    to spend most of their time out of the cage if you will
    let them.Lily and Fify
    have been loved and cared for all their life,so we are
    looking for a special
    new home for them.How soon will you need them and are you
    a bird lover?
    Waiting to read from you soon.

    He is in Montreal Canada and is willing to ship them to me
    for 300 and will take the other 250 after they arive.
    Is this a scam?

    Thank you so much

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