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Re: Is This a Scam???

Posted by Aunt Bea on 8/12/07
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    On 8/12/07, bert wrote:
    > On 8/12/07, Genevieve wrote:
    >> This is the e-mail that I got...
    >> Hello:
    >> Lily and Fify are a pair of hyacinth macaws with a
    >> wonderful personality
    >> They are 18months old and were purchased from a local
    >> breeder.They
    >> are sweet, talkatives, love a warm shower,friendly to kids
    >> and dogs,
    >> and LOTS of love and attention!They have full beautiful
    >> feathers,
    >> their beaks and feathers are nicely groomed and their
    >> nails are trimmed.
    >> Their wings are clipped to make their tamer.They are well
    >> mannered and
    >> none stressed.They are not feather pickers.They were
    >> raised from birth
    >> away from their mother so they does not know how to
    >> fly.The female is a fertile
    >> egg laying female.They have been vet checked,DNA sexed and
    >> proven.
    >> We are away from home all day and would like to see them
    >> go to a secure
    >> and loving home.They will be adopted out for $550 which
    >> included their cages,
    >> their freestanding Tanzanian wood perch and all of their
    >> medical records.
    >> I would prefer to adopt them to a bird lover, not a bird
    >> broker who know that
    >> these are large birds and requires some space.Their cage
    >> dimensions are
    >> 3' X 3'1/2' X 2' and they sit on a wheeled platform about
    >> 1 foot high.Its easy
    >> to clean and good for a birds of their size.But the Lovely
    >> birds will even love
    >> to spend most of their time out of the cage if you will
    >> let them.Lily and Fify
    >> have been loved and cared for all their life,so we are
    >> looking for a special
    >> new home for them.How soon will you need them and are you
    >> a bird lover?
    >> Waiting to read from you soon.
    >> James
    >> He is in Montreal Canada and is willing to ship them to me
    >> for 300 and will take the other 250 after they arive.
    >> Is this a scam?
    >> Thank you so much
    >> Genevieve
    > No, Denevieve, this is not a scam. Run, don't walk, to your
    > nearest Western Union office and wire this person the money.
    > You don't want to miss out on a great deal such as this and
    > you want to beat the others that will be following in hot
    > pursuit to their Western Union offices.
    > I can't believe you got such a break on such a wonderful
    > of birds. You're one lucky gal.
    > All the best, bert.

    AAH HA! There is a 24 hour western union near me.BBL. nanana
    na na na!!