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Re: cages

Posted by karen on 8/25/07
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    On 8/25/07, Mr. Clean wrote:
    > On 8/25/07, david wrote:
    >> I just moved to a new house.and paid alot of$ for it. any
    >> way my wife wont let me keep my b&g upstairs because of the
    >> i was wondering if they made a cage that keeps all
    >> the mess in side

    I put the cage in an area that does not have carpet & put a
    large plastic chair pad
    (4'x5'or as large as you can find)
    I also keep a small vacuum near the cage, I use it 2x a day
    Mess can be controlled with a few min. a day
    I also use a chair mat at the 2 play areas.
    -I will agree that her attitude is controlling and abusive.
    If you give in now it will not be long until she demands that
    you get rid of that messy bird
    Get a backbone. I had to tell my husband this was a non-
    negotiable area & he let it go.
    The bird is part of the family & you may have it longer than
    her if she remains manipulative & controlling
    Manipulative control is a bad habit & needs to be nipped in
    the bud! It will spread to other areas of your life.

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