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Re: mixing macaws

Posted by OMG on 11/05/07
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    I agree with Rick,

    Get them apart and do a normal isolation period of 60-90 days to
    prevent any spread of disease. This is standard proceedure. If your
    aviary told you it's ok, time to fire the aviary. But then again
    any two bit schmuck with a couple of dime store birds call
    themselves aviaries now a days.

    Problem number two... They will not sleep. Unless two birds are
    bonded when they are in their cage they will not relax enough to
    get their 12 hours min rest. Macaws take a long time to bond and
    you do not place them into the same cage right away. Just what were
    you thinking?

    Do not rescue or adopt a bird unless you are fully prepared to
    handle them. You do a greater diservice than anything you felt
    positive. If you want to keep them buy another cage "PERIOD" or get
    rid of the B&G.


    On 9/11/07, Carolyn wrote:
    > Thank you both for replying. My aviary told me they could be put
    > together and that normally macaws do get along. It seemed at
    > first they were going to get along just fine and it seems most of
    > the time they do. The Blue & Gold gets very jealous of our
    > military though and vice versa of course.
    > They were seperated for 2 days because I wasn't preparred to have
    > 2 military is always loose and plays normally
    > on his jungle gym so when we received the b&g we set him on the
    > jungle gym away from our macaw. when the aviary told me they
    > would get along I put them together. I still haven't gotten the
    > 2nd cage, but am seriously thinking about. We are still tossing
    > around the idea of giving it to someone that understands the care
    > and life span of a macaw. The b&g doesn't have his wings (nor
    > does our military), our aviary checked him out before we put the
    > 2 birds together. The b&g seems as though whoever had him cared
    > well for him but we have no idea how long he was out flying
    > around. The aviary also told us there is no way to tell the sex
    > of a macaw accept through a dna test. We chose not to have one
    > done. Most of the time like I said they seem to get along but I
    > am seriously contemplating getting the b&g his own cage if we
    > decide to keep him, so that both birds know they have a place of
    > their own.
    > On 9/10/07, Rick wrote:
    >> On 9/10/07, DRS wrote:
    >>> Carolyn you will have to be very cautious about mixing. They
    >>> are all different on how they will react. Even two of the
    >>> same kind might not like each other. They may end up
    >>> fighting and doing a lot of damage to each other fast! I
    >>> have two and they don not like to be too close to each
    >>> other. They do fine if they can't touch each other but will
    >>> fight if they get with in range. I have seen Macaws that
    >>> loved to be together but you never know. They also may bond
    >>> to each other and not care for you. If you try it go slow
    >>> and always stay close. Don't leave them alone untill they
    >>> have proven they can be trusted. They may still squabble
    >>> from time to time. Good Luck, Dave
    >> Carolyn,
    >> We have 2 B&G Macaws, at first we tried to let them be
    >> together as companions, but in the end they were bonding and
    >> wanted nothing to do with us. They both started lashing /
    >> striking out at us when we wanted to interact with either of
    >> them. And this all took place in a matter of a couple of days.
    >> Now we have them separated except for play time on the jungle
    >> gym. Their cages are next to each other so they can socialize,
    >> but far enough not to make contact.
    >> Also our B&G's are a male and a female, and we don't want any
    >> babies........just pets!
    >> One concern I have about the B&G that flew into your yard. Did
    >> you have the B&G isolated from your other Macaw. With all the
    >> birds can come in contact with outside, I wouldn't want
    >> anything to happen to your other bird. Just a concern.
    >> Take care.