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Re: mixing macaws

Posted by DRS on 9/10/07
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    Carolyn you will have to be very cautious about mixing. They
    are all different on how they will react. Even two of the
    same kind might not like each other. They may end up
    fighting and doing a lot of damage to each other fast! I
    have two and they don not like to be too close to each
    other. They do fine if they can't touch each other but will
    fight if they get with in range. I have seen Macaws that
    loved to be together but you never know. They also may bond
    to each other and not care for you. If you try it go slow
    and always stay close. Don't leave them alone untill they
    have proven they can be trusted. They may still squabble
    from time to time. Good Luck, Dave