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Re: mixing macaws

Posted by ljhassell on 9/13/07
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    We currently have 4 2 Blue & Golds, a Scarlet and a
    Greenwing, placed a Greenwing a Severe, so multiple bird
    does work, they do get jealous and you need to be flock
    leader and not allow it to affect your time with each of

    On 9/10/07, carolyn wrote:
    > Hi There ! We have had a Military Macaw for 10 years (
    > also have an african grey),just recently (about a month
    > ago), we adopted a Blue & Gold. The Blue & gold flew into
    > our neighbors yard, we have posted in our local newspaper,
    > at our aviary, at the police station, animal control, and
    > on posts at the end of street and no one has claimed him.
    > My local aviary said that you can put Macaws together and
    > they get along. We have put them together and a lot of
    > time they seem like they get along, but a lot of the times
    > they don't seem too. I give attention to all of them and
    > try 1 - 1 time seperately with them all as well. Have any
    > of you had experiences with 2 macaws together that didn't
    > grow up together? Thanks for any advice