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Re: bird sprayed with fantastik cleaner

Posted by A Birdmom 2 on 9/18/07
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    I don't know what time of day you made this post & I hope
    that your bird is doing okay. But you need to know that this
    web-site isn't run by the Petsmart Store/Company ( though the
    name of this web-site is a bit mis-leading ) nor Avian
    trained medical people. And frankly MOST of the people that
    post here wouldn't know the answer to your question anyway.
    Saying that I will give you what advice I feel comfortable in
    giving or have learned in the past 5 years I've been owned by
    a 10 year old Amazon Parrot.

    You really should call your Vet ( hopefully an Avian Vet )
    ASAP. If you can't get ahold of a Vet see if there is a phone
    # on the back lable of the product for the company ( which by
    now will more than likely be closed & you would get a
    recording to call back during their regular business hours ).
    Most products ( if they say anything ) will usually say to
    call a physican or to call a poison control center. ( Which
    people don't realize will cost an arm & a leg. You have to
    have a credit-card available to pay for their services up
    front before you will get any information! I believe the fee
    is something like $75.00 a call ). And at that you probably
    will NOT get ANY information that will be bird related!
    Basically they give information for humans ( children who
    didn't/don't know any better or stupid adults who are/where
    trying to hurt/kill themselves ) & sometimes for dogs & cats.

    You did the right thing washing the chemical off. But you'd
    better keep a close watch on the bird tonight. And then call
    an AVIAN VET 1st thing in the AM, tell them what happened &
    take the bird in ASAP. If your bird didn't preen his/her
    feathers & ingest the spray before you could wash it off ( &
    the way most birds love to preen themselves this is
    definately possible ) there could be internal problems as
    well as problems that come from the spray soaking into the
    outer skin. Not to mention getting into the eyes & breathing
    in the fumes into the lungs. So please don't take any
    chances. Because the bird is larger hopefully he/she will be
    okay till you can get to a Vet Wed. For now I'd suggest that
    you watch for anything abnormal ( not eating/drinking, poop,
    being lethargic or anything else that you KNOW isn't normal
    for your bird ). And please keep all cleaning products out of
    reach of kids ( no matter what their age ) for their sakes as
    well as pets in the home.

    Also remember that birds normally will hide most signs of
    illness until it's sometimes too late. So don't make the
    mistake of waiting a day or 2 to see if anything crops up (
    as many Non-pet owners will suggest to pet owners! ). It's be
    better to see the Vet ASAP than ending up with a very ill
    bird on your hands by or over the weekend ( when it will be
    more difficult, if not impossible to find/see a vet ) or
    worse yet having the bird die.

    I will be sending good thoughts/prayers up for your baby. And
    please do post a note here after you go to the Vet so I'll
    know how your baby is doing. Thanks!

    A Birdmom 2