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Re: B&G Behaviour question

Posted by Rick on 9/27/07
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    On 9/27/07, GreyLady wrote:
    > Rehomed birds of any age can really give us a fit,
    > if we don't have much information about their past, their
    > likes, dislikes, behaviors, etc. I would not discount
    > regression, just because of age. I know of birds older than
    > that, who will still, on occasion, beg for a hand feeding.
    > It's really not a bad thing to offer it to them. It can be
    > great source of comfort to them and it's really handy if you
    > ever have to medicate a reluctant bird. You can usually
    > it right into a hand feeding. Just the fact that he is
    > rehomed, makes him feel insecure and I'm sure he has memory
    > of how comforting a hand feeding can be. That may be his
    > of asking for that comfort. If it was me, I'd for sure,
    > offer him some hand feedings. It doesn't necessarily have
    > be baby bird forumula. It can be anything you know he
    > likes. Like some mashed up, warm veggies that he already
    > likes, or oatmeal or anything similar. I think it's worth a
    > try.

    Thanks GL. I will try this and see what happens. I know he has
    bonded with my partner as he, Vinnie (B&G), is forever trying
    to feed him. And if he isn't doing that, he will at times try
    and regurgitate by using his toes. Strange little fellow. I
    tell my partner that he is Vinnies mate, his Momma and Buddy
    all wrapped up in 1.
    He is ever so playful and loves frolicking, playing, and
    talking, and yes, the occassional SCREAM.......Yikes. The
    screaming comes from his past as we were informed.

    We have another B&G, sweet as gold, a female, but as we now no
    longer let the 2 of them spend great amounts of time together
    due to their wanting to set up house keeping, and then it's
    Good-Bye to us. They live in close proximity for socializing,
    but no interaction without supervision. We are only wanting to
    keep as pets. Thanks again, Rick