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Re: B&G Behaviour question

Posted by Mj on 9/29/07
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    My Umbie rocks back and forth, and yes he is a rescue and had a
    miserabe, horrible life before he came to living with me. If you
    see Circus elephants when they are not perporming you'll know
    they are MISERABLE!!! They are chained 24/7 and chained 96% of
    the 365 days of the year! They are on the road 11 months of the
    year too! They are so upset and miserbale and depressed and
    BORED, they rock back and forth, a sway like motion. Veyr sad.
    Also my Moms Quaker who is a female, has had the worst three
    years of her life untill she came to live with my mom. And well
    whenever she sees my mom she flutters/quivers her wings because
    she is clipped and canot fly to her, and I think this is her way
    of saying "Come get me!!" She doesnt squawk much either except
    her usual quaker self.