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Re: Large Happy Hut? Need Some Help Please.

Posted by Bird Lover on 9/30/07
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    On 9/30/07, Charley wrote:
    > My Severe Macaw is very attached to his old worn out Happy
    > Hut. It seems that Large Happy Huts are no longer
    > available. Does anyone know of a suitable replacement?

    Happy Huts have proven to be a very dangerous & deadly
    product to all sizes of birds. That's probably why you
    couldn't find one. Someone here posted ages ago how they made
    safe beds for their birds. It was somekind of large tube (
    maybe PVC ) & they used the legs cut from a sweatsuit to make
    the cover. I don't remember how they wrapped or attached the
    cloth to the tube, but I do remember that the cloth was
    removable for laundering & if damaged by being chewed on, was
    replacable. If you are lucky maybe that breeder still reads
    this board & will be kind enough to post that information
    again. If not, whatever you end-up doing make sure it's a
    safe product for your bird to sleep in.