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Re: for sale, greenwing macaw

Posted by julia white on 1/03/08
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    On 1/02/08, Rick wrote:
    > On 12/30/07, Justin wrote:
    >> On 10/01/07, julia white wrote:
    >>> greenwing macaw for sale, 18 months, handfed, beautiful
    >>> color, email:, southeast Houston area
    >> Is he still for sale and if so how much are you asking?
    > I sure hope this isn't the same Julia White I spoke with when
    > I was selling puppies. If so, this is a ficticious person
    > running a scam out of Africa. If not, I apologize, but others
    > need to beware!

    I'm not selling the macaw now. sorry. No, it's not the same
    person you spoke with about puppies. Never been to Africa and
    don't want to go there either. julia