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Re: B&G Bonding with Scarlet

Posted by Rick on 10/03/07
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    On 10/03/07, KJ wrote:
    > Hi, I wondered if anyone can help with a question. I have
    > an older female Scarlet Macaw and just adopted a 3 year
    > Blue and Gold a few months ago. I noticed that they were
    > getting close and did not pay attention. Now they have
    > gotten to the point that they are inseperable. They feed
    > eachother, he is totally not interested in coming out of
    > their large cage, and although they both are very friendly
    > to me, neither is as talkative anymore, and they sit
    > together preening eachother all day. Can anyone tell me if
    > this is bad? should I just let them stay bonded or split
    > them up to keep them as pets? I have two other very
    > friendly macaws which are younger and don't mind the B&G
    > bonding, but is it bad? Please advise. Thanks KJ

    Hi KJ,
    Below is a response of mine to another Macaw posting
    regarding Macaws. Understand all situations are different
    and yours may get along quite well, but from reading your
    posting you may be headed for a disappointment if you want
    to keep them as PETS, especially should they bond.

    ......We have 2 B&G Macaws, at first we tried to let them be
    together as companions, but in the end they were bonding and
    wanted nothing to do with us. They both started lashing /
    striking out at us when we wanted to interact with either of
    them. And this all took place in a matter of a couple of
    Now we have them separated except for play time on the
    jungle gym. Their cages are next to each other so they can
    socialize, but far enough not to make contact.
    Also our B&G's are a male and a female, and we don't want
    any babies........just pets!............

    Hope this has helped. I am sure others will be along to
    offer more advice.