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Re: B&G Bonding with Scarlet

Posted by OMG on 11/05/07
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    On 10/03/07, KJ wrote:
    > Can anyone tell me if this is bad?
    > should I just let them stay bonded or split
    > them up to keep them as pets?

    First of all you have a Female Scarlet? This is very rare and
    you should not squander her role in the Macaw Species for a
    B&G pairing. She is royality, she is a Queen of Macaws do not
    let her be degraded in anyway!

    Now I'm not totally against Hybrids but only for Male
    Scarlets because the females are so rare. If you own a male
    Scarlet and can not find a female then a suitable substitute
    would be a hybrid combination. But this only works the other
    way around then what you have. Look male Scarlets are very
    plentiful. Keep the breed together and don't listen to those
    who say you can not split them up, Macaws DO NOT MATE for
    LIFE! You can seperate them and I suggest heavily to do so,