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Re: B&G Bonding with Scarlet

Posted by KJinNJ on 11/05/07
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    Thanks for your response. I appreciate it and I do agree. I am
    noticing that she is more interested than him she feeds him,
    preens him and he does not reciprocate. Thanks again

    On 11/05/07, OMG wrote:
    > On 10/03/07, KJ wrote:
    >> Can anyone tell me if this is bad?
    >> should I just let them stay bonded or split
    >> them up to keep them as pets?
    > First of all you have a Female Scarlet? This is very rare and
    > you should not squander her role in the Macaw Species for a
    > B&G pairing. She is royality, she is a Queen of Macaws do not
    > let her be degraded in anyway!
    > Now I'm not totally against Hybrids but only for Male
    > Scarlets because the females are so rare. If you own a male
    > Scarlet and can not find a female then a suitable substitute
    > would be a hybrid combination. But this only works the other
    > way around then what you have. Look male Scarlets are very
    > plentiful. Keep the breed together and don't listen to those
    > who say you can not split them up, Macaws DO NOT MATE for
    > LIFE! You can seperate them and I suggest heavily to do so,